Grab your friends, hone your blades, and set off for adventure in the ultimate voxel MMO. Whether hunting treasure in far-off lands or building realms of your own, it’s never been this good to be square!

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Fill your pockets with Credits to redeem for special loot and Classes at the in-game store.

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Celestial Champion
Celestial Champion Pack
Sublime design meets the sublimest power in this divine pack.

Achieve enlightenment and become a true hero with this unmatched treasure trove, including Xero Line wings, a Cygnus-01 Speedcycle mount, a Shield Servitor ally, and both the Chaotic Clipper and Chaotic Cruiser ships.
  • 10000 Credits
  • Xero Line wings
  • Cygnus-01 Speedcycle mount
  • 10 random new mounts
  • Shield Servitor ally
  • Chaotic Clipper ship with Frost Fae Sails
  • Chaotic Cruiser ship with Inner Sea Sails
  • 30 days of Patron
  • 10 Inventory Expanders
  • 150 Dragon Coins
Fiery Fighter
Fiery Fighter Pack
Hot style meets the hottest efficiency in this incendiary pack.

Heat things up with this seriously cool collection of treasures, including a Dragon Tiger mount, a Feisty Flamedancer ally, and Flame Skimmer ship.
  • 5000 Credits
  • Dragon Tiger mount
  • 3 random new mounts
  • Feisty Flamedancer ally
  • Flame Skimmer ship with Dragonblade sail
  • 15 days of Patron
  • 3 Inventory Expanders
  • 90 Dragon Coins
Dark Dungeoneer
Dark Dungeoneer Pack
Dark form meets the darkest function in this shadowy pack.

Sneak away from danger with the help of this awesome set of goodies, including a War Horse mount and Fae Drakeling ally!
  • 2000 Credits
  • War Horse mount
  • Fae Drakeling ally
  • 3 days of Patron
  • 1 Inventory Expander
  • 30 Dragon Coins
Soul Rancher Look
Soul Rancher Look
Show your mastery of unlife by crossing the multiverse in a shadowy sarcophagus, wearing an awesome skull mask, and more. Whoever said you needed a life to have fun never got their hands on this pack!
  • Soulfire Wings
  • Shadowy Sarcophagus Mount
  • Soul Surveyor Hat Style
  • Haunting Halfskull Face Style
  • Grim Razor Weapon Style
  • Deathly Dragonspine Weapon Style
  • Bone Bolter Weapon Style
  • Fishbone Falchion Weapon Style
  • Spectrail Cannon Weapon Style
Bossy Devil Look
Bossy Devil Look
It doesn't matter whether your name is Goodie the Champion of Goodness and Puppies or Blood Dark Doom Dread the Devastator: this collection of cruel costuming will teach you the joys of riding a dark throne into battle and why being bad is good.
  • Bloodseeker Wings
  • Throne of Dark Spirits Mount
  • Bloodlord's Burden Hat Style
  • Roiling Rage Face Style
  • Torment Stoker Weapon Style
  • Grim Grasp Weapon Style
  • Soul Sting Weapon Style
  • Crimson Quillslinger Weapon Style
  • Sanguine Slayer Weapon Style
Garden Livin' Look
Garden Livin' Look
Whether you're looking to ride through the gardens on the back of a ladybug or thread flowers with a single, swift arrow, this collection of fashionable items is perfect for fighters and florists alike.
  • Ladybug Wings
  • Bouncy Ladybug Mount
  • Limber Ladybug Hat Style
  • Rosy Nosey Face Style
  • Cactote Warspear Weapon Style
  • Sibilant Scepter Weapon Style
  • Beaming Beholder Weapon Style
  • Daisy Chained Bow Weapon Style
  • Sward Sword Weapon Style
Prehistoric Pack
Grab the Prehistoric Pack and journey into the land that time forgot as the daring Dino Tamer! Hunt down your enemies with your Cretaceous companions or leap onto the back of a Mesozoic monster and teach the multiverse what extinction really is. This Triassic treasure trove also contains the Laseratops mount, 2 rugged new costumes, and much more!

  • Dino Tamer Class
  • Road Wrangler Costume
  • Jurassic Jungler Costume
  • Laseratops
  • 3 Class Gem Keys
  • Primal Preserve Terraformer
  • Saurian Swamp Terraformer
Gem Maniac Pack
Gem Maniac Pack
Push your power level right off the charts with the Gem Maniac Pack! This prodigious pack contains tons of Gems and hundreds of Boosters to help you customize your favorite classes, plus a celestial aura sure to make you shine like the star you are.

  • Sun and Moon Stellar Aura
  • Tome: Empowered Gem Box
  • 2 Class Gem Keys
  • 10 Empowered Gem Boxes
  • 190 Gem Booster Boxes
  • 500 Jade Clover Boosters
  • 200 Glittering Horseshoe Boosters
  • 100 Lapis Luckbug Boosters
Gem Fanatic Pack
Gem Fanatic Pack
Power up with the Gem Fanatic Pack! Unlock your hidden strength with a pile of Empowered Gems Vaults, a mountain of Boosters, and a Class Gem Key, allowing you to unlock an ultra rare Empowered Gem for a class of your choice.

  • Tome: Empowered Gem Box
  • 1 Class Gem Key
  • 5 Empowered Gem Boxes
  • 80 Gem Booster Boxes
  • 250 Jade Clover Boosters
  • 100 Glittering Horseshoe Boosters
  • 50 Lapis Luckbug Boosters
Gem Sampler Pack
Gem Sampler Pack
Get a taste of what the Mantle of Power expansion has to offer with the Gem Sampler Pack! Power up with a pair of Empowered Gems Vaults and everything needed to shine their contents up super nice.

  • Tome: Empowered Gem Box
  • 2 Empowered Gem Boxes
  • 30 Gem Booster Boxes
  • 100 Jade Clover Boosters
  • 30 Glittering Horseshoe Boosters
  • 20 Lapis Luckbug Boosters
Flower Power Pack
Everything always comes up roses for the Chloromancer! Pick up the Flower Power Pack and unleash the glory of this staff-swinging mage. Nip opposition in the bud with explosive trees or keep your friends in good health with healing herbs. Decked out with two unique class costumes, your style will stay fresh as a daisy, and with a unique Tome of Instagrowers in hand, you’ll always be in the green.
  • Chloromancer Class
  • Evergreen Evoker Costume
  • Myco Medic Costume
  • Insta-Grower Informational Tome
  • Rich Fertilizer Factuary Tome
Collector's Pack
Collector's Pack
Mountains of mounts and endless seas of style will stretch out across the horizons around you with the Collector’s Pack! Ride in (every) style with 10 brand new mounts in your stables and make your closet a completionist’s dream with 50 new equipment styles! And, to top it off, you’ll stand tall with the highest hat in all the realms: the Hat of Hats, only available here.

  • 12 Omni Mount unlocks – Unlock Meownts, Pemblocks, or Adventure Mounts you don’t already have
  • 100 Omni Style unlocks – Unlock any 100 equipment styles you don’t already have
  • Hat of hats – A very tall hat, assembled from other hats.
  • 2 Golden Chaos Chests
Raving Revenant Pack
Haunt the realms as The Revenant – a spear-wielding, shield-carrying, spectral suit of armor! Become a real headless horseman as you (literally) ghost ride across the land on your new Warhorse. You’ll look like a vision, whether you’re decked out in one of your two unique costumes or letting your head-banging spirit loose in your musical Metalhead Mag Rider!
  • Revenant Class
  • Revenant Warhorse Mount
  • Metalhead Mag Rider
  • Scion of Cygnus Costume
  • Candorian Praetorian Costume
  • 1 Golden Chaos Chest
Shadow's Eve Pack
Be afraid... be very, very afraid of the most pixalarming pack in all of Trove: The Shadow’s Eve Costume Pack! Make your Tomb Raiser walk like an Egyptian with the tut-tut-terrifying Funereal Pharaoh costume. Have a hoot by dressing up your Fae Trickster as a wise Night Owl. Have no fear, Trovian: trick or treat yourself to this limited-time pack and you’ll be the scariest square on the block!
  • Tomb Raiser – Funereal Pharaoh
  • Lunar Lancer – Monkey King
  • Boomeranger – Comic Hero
  • Boomeranger – Magician
  • Pirate Captain – Shipyard Scavenger
  • Ice Sage – Sakura Sage
  • Dracolyte – Mecha-Dracolyte
  • Fae Trickster – Night Owl
To the Nines
Dress to the nines with these 9 new, community-made costumes in a single pack!
  • Guardian Angel (Fae Trickster)
  • Dreamolyte (Dracolyte)
  • Reboot & Neon Stroke (Neon Ninja)
  • Blue & Pink Candy Bearbarian (Candy Barbarian)
  • Molten Fury (Ice Sage)
  • Shadow Shroud (Shadow Hunter)
  • Mad Scientist (Pirate Captain)
Necrofancy Pack
Grab the Necrofancy Pack to unlock the new Tomb Raiser Class! This nefarious necromancer has an undead entourage and a major bone to pick. Dispense destruction in style with fearsome costumes, spider mounts and a set of smoky Soulfire Wings.
  • Soulkeeper Tomb Raiser Costume
  • Acid Tomb Raiser Costume
  • Boneweaver Spider Mount
  • Spite Biter Spider Mount
  • Soulfire Wings
Adventure Pack
Grab The Adventure Pack and run headfirst into danger! Master of Bow, Blade, Bomb, and Boomerang, the new Boomeranger class is well suited to take on any challenge! Dress to thrill with the included Dark and Winter Boomeranger costumes. Also get a head-start on the new Flask system with two vials and five emblems.

  • Boomeranger Class
  • Dark Boomeranger Skin
  • Winter Boomeranger Skin

  • 2 Flasks Vials:
    • Balanced Elysian
    • Elysian Bandolier

  • 5 Flask Emblems:
    • Soothing Rain
    • Energizing Rain
    • Rampant Repellent
    • Berserk
    • Martial
Essentials Pack
Essentials Pack
The Essentials Pack is the perfect building block to an exceptional Trovian experience. Unleash the power of ten new classes, sail the square seas with ease on the regal S.S. Trovian, explore the skies with fiery wings, and speed into action on a special Supercycle mount! Plus two fancy Tomes, 10 Mounts, and 100 bombs! Also get 15 days of Patron Pass!
  • Ten Class Tokens (non-tradable)
  • Fire Wings
  • Trovian Supercycle
  • Tome: Dragon Coin
  • Tome: Jade Clover
  • 10 Omni Mount Unlockers
  • Trove Topper
  • S.S. Trovian
  • Trovian Sail
  • 50 Gem Booster Boxes
  • 100 Bombs
  • 15 days of Patron Pass time
* Accounts that have already unlocked included items will not receive duplicates of items contained within the pack. This includes Classes, Costumes, Mounts, Ships, Wings, and any other items included as part of the pack.
Creator's Pack
Creator's Pack
Corner the market on construction creativity with the Creator’s Pack! Go buck wild on a block-hungry Bull Dozer mount and tear down club world structures foolhardy enough to stand in your way. Equipped with enough raw resources to raise city blocks from the ground up, you’ll be able to craft the cornerstone of your dreams with ease.

  • Bull Dozer – A new unique steam bull mount that can destroy blocks in your club world.
  • Big Bomb Legendary Tome – Get big bombs for free once a week.
  • Tons of resources – A ton of blocks and ore to get you building.
  • 500 Infinium
  • 1000 Formicite
  • 5000 Shapestone
  • 9999 of each Primal Block
  • 50 Omni Decoration recipes – Unlock any decoration recipes you don’t already have.
Radiant Pack
Radiant Pack
You’ve mastered the basics of Trove, but there are still greater heights for you to reach! Take a bounding step toward the pinnacle of greatness with the Radiant Pack, which includes all the items you need to take one Resplendent item all the way to Radiant.

  • 9999 Flux
  • 999 Eyes
  • 2 Twice Forged Shadow Souls
  • 2 Thrice Forged Shadow Souls
  • 2 Quad Forged Shadow Souls
  • 3 Penta Forged Shadow Souls
  • 3 Purified Flames
Blitz and Glitz Pack
Blitz 'N' Glitz Pack
The new Blitz and Glitz Costume Pack rocks the runway with some of the best outfits ever seen in the lands of Trove! Load up on legendary looks including the Dark Infineon Barbarian, Lunar Ronin, F43 Trickster, and five more masterful costumes tailor-made for adventure. This pack is available for a limited time – scoop it up today!

  • Bee Trickster by Rajeeb
  • F43 Trickster by Leeon1234
  • Shadow's Disciple by FriedSushi
  • Heartbreaker by CloBunny
  • Dark Infineon by Screamheart
  • Sugar Skull by Astrick
  • Heartbleed by Astrick
  • Lunar Ronin by Thelgmo
Pirate Pack
Legends are told on the high seas of the infamous pirate, Block Beard, that once sailed the Trovian seas, looting and plundering everywhere his travels took him. No one knows what became of Block Beard or his treasure…until now, that is. Now you can loot and plunder all the coolest Pirate gear and unlock the Pirate class at the same time. That’s like a zillion glim’s worth of loot. Shiver me timbers - Block Beard’s treasure, indeed.

  • Pirate Class
  • SS Draconic
  • Draconic Sail
  • SS Dutchman
  • Dutchman Sail
  • Master of Commanding Costume
  • Ghost Captain Costume
Battle Pack
Battle Pack
Look at you! A battle-tested veteran, square of jaw and strong of hand. You’ve beaten many foes already, but the battles have only just begun! Whether you’re squaring off against the forces the forces of Shadow or capturing flags in friendly combat, the Battle Pack will help you put your enemies on the chopping block.

  • 20 Battle Boxes – Unlocks battle flags, which can be equipped or deconstructed for battle arena currency.
  • Grants permanent +2 Battle Factor
  • A War Cat, War Dog, and Terror Turtle mount