Set off for adventure with the supersized Mega Menagerie Pack!
Bursting with blocky goodness, this epic pack contains more than 40 awesome items that’ll help you style and profile across the multiverse.

Dormant Valiant Dragon Egg
Hatches into Tanbleddyn of the Western Peaks!
Dormant Lightning Dragon Egg
Hatches into Fulguras, The Lightning Blade!
Costume: The Blocktor
A costume for the Dino Tamer.
Not an actual medical professional, but still manages to save the day, every day.
Costume: Platinum Paladin
A costume for the Knight.
A gleaming guardian of justice that abides no evil.
Costume: Skysunder Sniper
A costume for the Shadow Hunter.
Wield the wrath of the heavens, and lay your foes low with thunderous fury.
Costume: Stone Shaper
A costume for the Tomb Raiser.
Transform a common element into an extraordinary fighting force with this ore-iginal outfit.
Mount: Bouncing Beehive
The inhabitants of this sweet mount are cool with you hitching a ride, just don't break anything.
Mount: Verlis Wolf
A likeable lupine with an affinity for finding and collecting eclectic companions.
Mount: Dessert Dromintoceros
This relative of the armagant is favored in Candoria for its role in sieges and field charges.
Mount: 4-T Assembled Souser
Like a good tea, the best ideas should be left to stew a while before pouring.
Mount: Light Gunship
A fast, lightweight combat ship, deployed in swarms to overwhelm large enemy vessels and defensive positions.
Mount: Powered Wheelchair
A convenient conveyance to comfortably carry you.
Ally: Flittermouse Familiar
Wizards appreciate its company and its ability to detect unseen enemies.
Ally: Silverfang Pup
Its curious, playful nature belies the savage and noble spirit of its lineage.
Ally: Husky Pup
Every new biome visited is a wonderful adventure in new tastes, and smells, and friends.
Ally: Bloxx the Playful
Always inventing new games and reinventing old ones.
Ally: Scapes Goat
Good luck trying to pin the blame on this goat.
Ally: Wee Wheekie
This lovable little mammal squees with happiness whenever you are near.
Ally: Cherry Chibi Chompbox
A smaller, highly intelligent cousin of the mimic, it can be befriended with gifts of food and valuables.
Ally: Tuxedo Cat
This classy kitty adds a touch of distinction to any outdoor excursion.
Ally: Moon Dreamer
For River, with love.
Ally: Viridescent Hummingbird
As it flits through the air, its wings play an enchanting little melody.
Ally: Snowsquall Strigid
A native of the peaks of Permafrost, its flight is unimpeded by wind or blizzard.
Ally: Starsheen Seahorse
On occasion, herds of these magical beings rise to the ocean surface to perform intricate dances under the moonlight.
Ally: Planing Possum
It glides from tree to tree seeking sweet treats of any kind.
Ally: Zephyrian Zardille
Impossible to tame, these headstrong creatures nonetheless have an affinity for those who embrace nature.
Style: Blossoming Bosslady
Some women are born to lead, and some grow into the role naturally.
Style: Bubbly Bliss
If a smile doesn't sway them, defeat them with kindness.
Style: Tomboy Toughie
Be your true self and your true friends will become apparent.
Style: Symbolic Sanctuary
All life is sacred, originating in the Sun Goddess, and to the preservation of others' I pledge mine.
Style: Meowsy Mug
This minimalist facial accessory truly is the cat's meow.
Style: Confirmed Conspiracy
You knew all along.
Style: Bellwether Beanie
It is OK to want to lead a charge of warm, cute fuzziness every so often.
Style: Auxiliary Cognitive Processor
This head running in the cloud frees your mind to focus on the here and now.
Style: Dated Dome
It has been out of fashion for a very long time, but some old-timers still find it appealing.
Style: Dipper Kipper
Best keep well hydrated lest you end up incinerated.
Style: Freewheeling Foxhelm
What you say is entirely up to you.
Style: Gunmetal Glory
With the aid of the Kami it would be possible to wrest control of the Neon City from the Robot Overlords.
Style: Shadow Horse Hood
In the dead of night it rides, and who can know what the hood hides?
Style: Unseen Assailant
Favoured by assassins, no hint of its presence is discernible until its blade is coated with blood.
Style: 8-Bit Bow
This retro-styled apparel has plenty of nostalgic appeal.
Style: Skull-Strung Headhunter
Each new trophy added enhances its power and notoriety.
Style: Robo-Raider Gunsabre
Bears a built-in blade so your trigger happiness will not leave you helpless.
Style: Caustic Caster
For when your foes are so loathsome that even their corpses deserve utter annihilation.