Plants versus everything! Grow and blow (up)!

Topiary Terrapin
Despite its size, some brazen herbivores still try to take bites out of it.
Ally: Bouncy Bubbler
A bubbly bud, effervescent with joy.
Ally: Pot of Plenty
A companion with gold enough for all! Not that it will share.
Ally: Jammin' Flower
Rockin' all day long, even with a fake guitar. But don't tell him that.
3 Spring Recipes
Unlock a random Spring recipe you don't already have unlocked.
33x Jade Clovers
Gem Level Up Booster. These lucky charms prevent Cracking!
33x Bombs
Explodes on impact. Can be used to damage or destroy dungeon blocks. Hold down button to aim.
33x Big Bombs
He mustache your opponents a volatile question.