Get squared with the Square Necessities pack!
These simple square necessities will take away your worriment with flight.

Mount: Jerhynn, The Radiant Vanguard
Valiant and true, she and the Ironbolt are often seen soaring into battle together.
Ally: Trovian Trackerhound
A great companion for adventurers, explorers, wanderers, and trailblazers.
Wings of the Worldwatcher
Upon the breeze be borne, and let the world regale you with its wonders.
10x Chaos Chest
Open for crafting materials, chaos cores, and rare collectibles.
The Featured rare collectibles change weekly.
10x Greater Dragon Cache
Contains Dragon Coins or, rarely, a random tradable Golden Dragon Egg!
10x Gem Booster Box
Open for Gem Dust, Boosters (Jade Clovers, Glittering Horseshoes, Lapis Luckbugs), Augment Materials (Binding Darkness), Golden Gem Keys, or rarely an Empowered Gem Box or Ninth Life booster.
10x Party Animal
Spawns a Party Animal when thrown. Defeating it will give something good to the person who throws it and 7 other random people nearby.
Trovian Tetrabode
Placeable in Cornerstones and Club Worlds.
Quite the upgrade from your starter fixer-upper.
Style: Mystique Mask
Adds an air of thrill and excitement to your outfit.
Style: Trovian Turban
Adds a little flair and makes you less of a square.
Style: Cubic Cudgel
Technically it's more of a mace, but the function is the same.
Style: Trovian Turn-Pike
It's always your turn if you dispatch your foes fast enough.
Style: Righteous Angle Box
All edges and straight lines, but it still gives its arrows a nice arc.
Style: Blocky Blaster
With a little practice you'll be able to hit them square in the head every time.
Style: Cubic Root Tree
Very handy when you need to perform some off-the-cuff mathemagic.