Outfox opponents as the Lunar Lancer and pick up our Lunacy Pack today! Make every foe under the stars tremble at the sight of your swift grappling spear. Race across the land on the back of two unique, fleet-footed fox mounts, dress to thrill with foxy costumes, and unlock awesome weekly bonuses with two exclusive, mystical tomes.
  • Lunar Lancer Class
  • Costume: Burnished Bronze
  • Costume: Twilight Temperance
  • Mount: Kazuki, the Dancing Flame
  • Mount: Kougetsu, the Falling Snow
  • Tome: Chaos Codex
  • Tome: Dragon Coin Digest

* Accounts that have already unlocked included items will not receive duplicates of items contained within the pack. This includes Classes, Costumes, Mounts, Ships, Wings, and any other items included as part of the pack.

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