Get in on the buzz thanks to this utterly un-bee-lievable new dragon: Yzzuli of the Honeybreeze!
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Mount: Yzzuli of the Honeybreeze Dragon
She can often be found catnapping in sun-kissed meadows amid swarms of enraptured bees, much to Petallura's amusement.
Mag Rider: Haunted House Dancefloor
Bounce your bones to its spooky synth rhythm.
Costume: Time-stranded Paleontologist
A costume for the Dino Tamer.
One moment you're studying fossils, and the next you're hurtling through some wormhole in time and space.
Costume: Dubstepping Desperado
A costume for the Gunslinger.
The bass won't be the only thing dropping when you walk into town in these dance floor-filling duds.
Mount: Trovian Mammoth
Rescued by Rowdy and Winston during one of their Permafrost forays, it remembers their kindness and pays it forward whenever it can.
Mount: Kishann, Soul of Splendor
For returning Cygnus to her, the Sun Goddess granted him his most fervent wish - that his body would reflect his soul.
Mount: Bawk Mom
Tends to all her chickies with great love and care. Give her a big hug!
Ally: Pizzanati Conspiraslicist
Illuminati confirmed. Fnord.
Ally: Noodlis, the Ensorcelled
Cursed to lose its mind at the sound of music, the ensuing antics are quite a sight.
Ally: Kiara, Chrono Kitty
Tends to wander off into distant times without notice, but luckily she always finds her way back.
Ally: Fizzy Pink Octopus
It's bubbly personality makes it a favourite with just about everyone.
Ally: Neonate Necrowmancer
Young enough to make mischief while intending no malice.
Ally: Oblivion Bunny
Embrace the darkness.
Ally: Junebug's Jubilee Cake
At this point it causes more vexation than jubilation.
Ally: Neon Nanodrone
Very adept and persistent at giving chase, so shaking it off is going to be a challenge.
Style: Star Stalker
Not a face you want to encounter in a dark vent duct or abandoned space colony.
Style : Doom Drake
This crazy quacker's claims will lead you down the path of sorrow.
Style: Geodian Gemcap
Made fashionable by Sous-Chef Saltina, this hardened headgear keeps your ideas sharp with a little Crystallogical craftsmanship.
Style: Bulging Brain
What's the big idea, exposing yourself like this? Do you want zombies? Because this is how we get zombies.
Style: Halvocado Helmet
Its squishy, delicious interior pads your noggin against the punches life throws at you.
Style: Purple Pacifier
A parent's best pal when all you need is a little peace and quiet.
Style: Good Goatee
Co-opted from the bad guys by charismatic rogues and rascals.
Style: Porky Pew-Pewer
Beloved of bounty hunters intent on bringing home the bacon.
Style: Mastery Hyperpin Helmet
A whole new breed of Mastery Pinata.