It’s dangerous to go alone, so don’t!
Get a guaranteed rare companion, a whole heap of resources, a mountain of Credits & more thanks to this new pack.

Gold Companion Egg
Hatches into one of 8 possible rare companions.
Luckiest Reliquary
Gives Metamatter. With Lodestar: Increased amount of Metamatter.
20x Accelerite
Reduces Reliquary and Companion Egg opening time by 2 hours.
10 Metamatter
Geode Crafting Material. A powerful crafting material that can transform into any shape and size. Obtained from opening Reliquaries.
6 Lodestars
Improves the chance of getting a rare reward from Reliquaries and Bronze Companions Eggs. Can be donated to a good cause at the Forever Home Finder.
5 +50% Crystal Gathering Potions
Increases Crystal and Shadow Shard Gathering from all sources by 50% for the next hour! Crafted at the Crystology Workbench.
10,000 Credits