Strike fear into the hearts of your foes with two incredible dragons: Yorinn, the Dusk Shadow, and Erel, the IronbolT.
Raise these fearsome flying mounts from their eggs, and you’ll rain fire and lightning down oVer the land and leave embers in your wake as you glide across the sky.

Dormant Siege Dragon Egg
Coax a new flying dragon from the egg using the Dragon CruciblE in the Hub!
Dormant Dusk Dragon Egg
Coax a new flying dragon from the egg using the Dragon Crucible in the Hub!
Costume: Duskrider Dragoon
A costume for the Lunar LanceR.
A devilish costume perfect for punishing those who stray from the light.
Mount: Regular Centaur
Just a regular centaur. Can be rarely found in Uber 9 and higher adventure worlds.
Mount: Rowdy
Brains are good, but without brawn nothing gets done.
Mount: Guinness
Faithful companion, best big bro, and all-round happy puppy.
Mount: Aquilia the Furred
Swim wild and free, my mammallian steed!
Ally: Radar
I eat sticks.
Ally: Drizzy
It's a happy sort of buzzing.
Ally: Poisonous Perry
Not actually poisonous, don't jump to conclusions.
Ally: Skrgle
If you made a tiny saddle for this thing, and put an egg on top, that would be adorable.
Ally: James Joystick
Here comes a new challenger!
Ally: Sandwich
Unfortunately this panda has no adorable allergies.
Ally: Corinne
Brings the blessing of eternal youth to all it follows.
Ally: Dr. Qubesly
Worry not, you are in good hands.
Style: Stalker's Silence
In silence hides premeditation.
Style: Cardinal Cap
Always leads you in the right direction.
Style: Dullard's Doff
You really shouldn't go around showing it off.
Style: Teddy Tophat
The trendy topper of a benevolent bear boss.
Style: Stead-o-Matic Visor
It might just be a glitch, but it displays corgis everywhere.
Style: The Arcadian
Fight the good fight and earn a 1-UP!
Style: Loaded Leatherhead
Will carry you all the way to the endzone.
Style: Rainbow Chaser
Wearing it makes the whole world seem more magical.
Style: Sundae Warrior
It works hard the rest of the week, but likes to kick back on weekends.
Style: Spirit's Scorn
Sworn to bring ruin to those who destroyed the Sun Goddess's domain.
Style: Silver Spork
This oversized stabbing implement is more suited to fine dining than combat.
Style: Sparkle Sprinkler
Fill the world with wonderful colors.