Revel in the wonders of the Sun, Moon, and Shadow all at once with this brand new pack

Mount: Radiant Skyshark
These massive predators of the Sky Realms are hard to domesticate, but their loyalty lasts a lifetime.
Mount: Serene Skyshark
A smaller breed than the Radiant, they are no less fearsome or resolute.
Mount: Seat of the sun
In ages past, the sight of the Sun Goddess's castle in the skies filled mortals with awe and wonder.
Mount: D'awtter of the Moon
The tides and currents hold no mistery when you are attuned to the moon's influence.
Mount: Shadow Carpet
Harbors a dark, mysterious beauty that raises all manner of questions to the true nature of the Shadows.
Mount: Marauding Mormolok
Native to the Everdark, they travel in packs to hunt and dissuade larger predators.
Ally: Lunar Rabbit
Once a common sight in the Lunar Goddess's domain, they are now highly endangered.
Ally: Solar Ribbit
A fun froggy friend with a sunny disposition.
Ally: Shifty Shadowbat
Not entirely comfortable in the light, but it seems to want to be friends.
Style: Lunar Exile
Their homeland shattered and their deity missing, many ventured into the wilds, seeking a new home.
Style: Radiant Reason
Grants its wearer owl-like wisdom, without the constant questioning of identity.
Style: Chaos Conductor
Do not delude yourself, it exerts no control over the Shadows.
Style: Sterling Resolve
Always to be wielded with purity of mind and intent.
Style: Solar Razor
It's crystalline blade channels spiritual energy, and can be used in melee in a pinch.
Style: Breath Taker
Most are capable only of a shocked gasp before they are mowed down.
Style: Moonblessed Magelance
The Moon Goddess held domain over all aspects of the mind, including magic and sorcery.
Style: Radiant Magelance
Radiant high sorcery was less about mental fortitude, and more about imperishable spirit.
Style: Sinister Mortality
Many greater shadows are equally adept with sword and shadowy sorcery.
Style: Efficacious Edge
The best swordplay dispenses with needless flourish and gets straight to the point.
Style: Radiant Redeemer
Its brilliant edge reflects the righteousness of its wielder.
Style: Terrifying Transgression
Centuries later, the souls of the betrayed still haunt this blade.
Style: Selenic Sniper
With its in-built targeting scope, it allows you to shoot for the moon.
Style: Trigonome Trigger
Its manufacture is inconceivably complex, but mathematically sound.
Style: Unnatural Opposition
Defies the laws of man, Goddess, nature, and physics, to terrifying effect.
Style: Olhukoi's Fang
Infused with moonsilver, it protects the rightful repose of the innocent.
Style: Sundisk Svarta
Its sun-motif blade is highly ornate, but far from ceremonial.
Style: Forked Destiny
Eager to pull yet more souls off the straight and narrow.