Have a blast with this collection of underground gear and subterranean styles!

Mount: Powered Mini Minecart
A great help no matter what you need to haul.
Ally: Carapaced Mining Drone
Just the right height to illuminate cracks in the floor and other obstacles that may trip you up.
Mini-Mine Framework
Recipe and one ready to place
Style: Mining Mask
Great for traversing noxious environments, whether natural or man-made
Style: Mini Minecart Millinery
Every little bit counts
Style: Mighty Miner
Harder than diamond, and just as stylish
Style: Crane Arm
Not quite like having a third arm, but still a big advantage over manual labor
Style: Improvised Remote Excavator
Just light and throw to see your ore yields blow up
Style: TNT Bow
Remember to be fast to loose after lighting your ammo
Style: Miner Drill
Consumes vast amounts of energy, but saves you a lot of work
Style: Mineshaft Lightmaker
Not quite long enough to provide any safety when accidentally igniting pockets of gas