Grab the Prehistoric Pack and journey into the land that time forgot as the daring Dino Tamer! Hunt down your enemies with your Cretaceous companions or leap onto the back of a Mesozoic monster and teach the multiverse what extinction really is. This Triassic treasure trove also contains the Laseratops mount, 2 rugged new costumes, and much more!

  • Dino Tamer Class
  • Road Wrangler Costume
  • Jurassic Jungler Costume
  • Laseratops
  • 3 Class Gem Keys
  • Primal Preserve Terraformer
  • Saurian Swamp Terraformer

* Accounts that have already unlocked included items will not receive duplicates of items contained within the pack. This includes Classes, Costumes, Mounts, Ships, Wings, and any other items included as part of the pack.

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