How does your garden grow?
Ride through the valley as you harvest your grain with this set of gardening tools.

25x Bobblepod
Spawns a Bobble Pod when thrown. Defeating it will give something good to the person who throws it and 7 other random people nearby.
25x Golden Watering Can (nontradable)
Waters nearby eligible plants for three times the normal amount of water in one go! Golden Watering Cans break after one use. Hold to use.
Mechanized Hydration Tractor mount
Don't waste time watering by hand when the M.H.T. is ready to do it for you!
Special: Waters all plants that are ready to be watered within a small radius.
Seed Sower mount
This mean green machine is a must for those gardeners seeking ultimate efficiency.
Special: Plants whichever seeds are selected in the Build inventory hotbar within a small radius.
Horticultural Harvester mount
The Horticultural Harvester lets you gather in a flash!
Special: Harvests all plants that are ready to be harvested in a small radius.