Corner the market on construction creativity with the Creator’s Pack! Go buck wild on a block-hungry Bull Dozer mount and tear down club world structures foolhardy enough to stand in your way. Equipped with enough raw resources to raise city blocks from the ground up, you’ll be able to craft the cornerstone of your dreams with ease.

  • Bull Dozer – A new unique steam bull mount that can destroy blocks in your club world.
  • Big Bomb Legendary Tome – Get big bombs for free once a week.
  • Tons of resources – A ton of blocks and ore to get you building.
  • 500 Infinium
  • 1000 Formicite
  • 5000 Shapestone
  • 9999 of each Primal Block
  • 50 Omni Decoration recipes – Unlock any decoration recipes you don’t already have.

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