It doesn't matter whether your name is Goodie the Champion of Goodness and Puppies or Blood Dark Doom Dread the Devastator: this collection of cruel costuming will teach you the joys of riding a dark throne into battle and why being bad is good.
  • Bloodseeker Wings
  • Throne of Dark Spirits Mount
  • Bloodlord's Burden Hat Style
  • Roiling Rage Face Style
  • Torment Stoker Weapon Style
  • Grim Grasp Weapon Style
  • Soul Sting Weapon Style
  • Crimson Quillslinger Weapon Style
  • Sanguine Slayer Weapon Style

* Accounts that have already unlocked included items will not receive duplicates of items contained within the pack. This includes Classes, Costumes, Mounts, Ships, Wings, and any other items included as part of the pack.

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