What could be better than scoring a rad(ish) new companion?
Get an uncommon Wistful Froleek companion, a heaping helping of Bronze Companion Eggs & more.

Wistful Froleek companion
Unlike its brethren, this pensive Froleek enjoys solitude and quiet. It can often be found daydreaming alone in peaceful pools of cave milk.
25x Crystal Pinatas
Clear-headed as they come in times of danger.
10x Accelerite
Reduces Reliquary and Companion Egg opening time by 2 hours.
5x Bronze Companion Eggs
Hatches one of 24 possible common, uncommon, or rare companions.
2x Lodestars
Improves the chance of getting a rare reward from Reliquaries and Bronze Companions Eggs. Can be donated to a good cause at the Forever Home Finder.